Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Saturday, Dec.12 is a great time to see the concept group show of the year at Corey Helford, the Multi Plane Show. Jan and Bruce hand picked 50 of their favorite artists to pay tribute to the early days of animation. We each created paintings using the multi plane process made famous by pioneer animators Iwerks, Fleischer and Disney, you know, the ones that influenced us all. I finished the multi plane piece (one panel, two glass panes) and then used the shipping box materials (top and bottom panels, side supports got canvas stretched around them) to make three more pieces. So there are actually 4 pieces from yours truly to check out.

Above is my multi plane piece, titled "The Ecstasy of St. Peter", one of four interconnected pieces around a somewhat autobiographical theme. The other 3 look something like this:

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