Saturday, May 23, 2009


The lovely and enigmatic Marion Peck graces the walls of Sloan Fine Art this week with her new body of work, "Ladies & Clowns." But whilst she was finishing off the works and then packing them up and handling all that shipping business, Marion took time out to share with us a few of the finer points of her beautiful work. Join us as we take an educational and entertaining peek into her amazingly crafted world, including her thoughts on life, travel and some sage advice that we could all do well to heed. Click here for the full and exclusive view...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Nathan Spoor is preparing a large body of masterful paintings that look to invite you in while taunting you with dream like riddles. Thankfully, Nathan has left an assortment of visual clues along the way, guiding us through his imaginative, well constructed worlds. 
Nathan was kind enough to share a glimpse into his artistic universe and upcoming show at 
Copro in June. Click here to read on and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The month of May is home to a very unique display of talent. The amazing Chet Zar(v.11) will be showcasing a group of new works alongside his father, fantastic narrative artist James Zar. The exhibit, "When Worlds Collide," will feature the latest and greatest of each master painter's forte. The fellas have been gracious enough to take some time to give us sneak peek into the new works, as well a few thoughts on a variety of subjects. Follow along as we journey into the worlds of this mighty father/son duo...Complete exclusive interview, studio shots, and more here!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Colin Johnson is immersed in a loving obsession that he calls his "hyper-collage" works. Having an undaunted interest in his mercurial pursuits has lead him on many an intricate visual adventure, yet leaves him enough of a toehold in the physical world to relate some of his thoughts on art and life to us. From the cold tundra known as the Lands of Eternal Winter (well not really, but it's more than cold) deep in the heart of Minnesota, one artist finds a way to spend the hours on a very creative and personal pursuit. Click here to find out more.