Tuesday, November 25, 2008


10 x 10 inches / acrylic on panel

Against All Odds
10 x 10 inches / acrylic on panel

Mark Murphy has put together an amazing group of talent for this year's GenArt Vanguard art fair, held during the Art Basel Miami week. Above you can see the paintings completed by yours truly for the mission, inspired by Mark's undertaking and my further study into The Intimate Parade (a Suggestivist undertaking in exploring the Inbetween).

Murphy Fine Art Editions Invitation :
Murphy Fine Art Editions is proud to present today’s leading contemporary artists this year at Gen Art Vanguard Fair, held during this year’s Art Basel in Miami Thursday, December 4th through Sunday, December 7th. Mark Murphy invited 92 artists to be showcased in one unified exhibition entitled, “KNOW.” “KNOW” is an eclectic collection of fine artists, digital painters and mixed media wizards who celebrate pervasive artistry and visual storytelling. Featured artists will include: Ray Caesar, Jeff Soto, Robert Connett, KMNDZ, Marc Burckhardt, Lola, Jonathan Viner and many more illuminaries.

Featured Fine Artists :
Jennybird Alcantara : David van Alphen : Ana Bagayan : Robert Bellm : Jonathan Bergeron : Mike Bertino : Cathie Bleck : Jonathan Boam : Darren Booth : Brandon Boyd : Katherine Brannock : Calef Brown : Ryan Bubnis : Marc Burckhardt : Christopher Buzelli : Ray Caesar : Luke Chueh : Dave Chung : Robert Connett : Molly Crabapple : Amy Crehore : Xiaoqing Ding : Leslie Ditto : Doodles : Ekundayo : P-Jay Fidler : AJ Fosik : Andrew Foster : Ken Garduno : Ill Gill : Keith Greiman : Matt Haber : Moira Hahn : Robert Hardgrave : Ryan Heshka : Vincent Hui : Jordin Isip : Jason Jacenko : Levon Jihanian : Ron Job : Dan Kennedy : Donald Kilpatrick : Mel Kadel : Kinoko : KMNDZ : Zane Kozak : Kukula : Travis Lampe : Daniel Hyun Lim : Tommii Lim : Jen Lobo : Lola : Dan May : Brandi Milne : Mark Murphy : Joel Nakamura : Andrew Neyer : Clinton Neuhaus : Kathie Olivas : Brandt Peters : Jenn Porreca : Luke Ramsey : relAx one : RG : Mark Ryden : Chris Ryniak : Erik Sandberg : Mijn Schatje : Jeffery Scott 92501 : Kim Scott : Jeff Soto : Nathan Spoor : Matt Stallings : David Russell Talbott : Yoko Tanaka : Gary Taxali : Peter Taylor : Jon Todd : Joe Vaux : Alexei Vella : Jonathan Viner : Marco Wagner : Cynthia Walton : Gordon Wiebe : Nicholas Wilton : Martin Wittfooth : Davey Wong : Johnny Yanok : Marco Zamora : Chet Zar

Details :
"KNOW" fine art exhibition curated by Mark Murphy
December 4 – December 7, 2008

Art Basel 2008 : Miami : FL
Murphy Design Art Books : Official Exhibitor of the Inaugural Gen Art Vanguard New Contemporary Art Fair : Miami Wynwood Arts District :

Gallery at Charcoal Studios : 2135 NW 1st Avenue : Miami : FL : 33137
Wynwood Arts District

For more info and to view the art, check out Mark's blog site:


The latest article that Greg and I had the honor to do was with legendary visionary artist and guru Alex Grey in BL!SSS Magazine. Alex was very gracious, taking precious time from preparing for his trip to speak at Giger's museum in Switzerland the next morning. 

Needless to say, Grey was extremely well-spoken and generous in sharing about his work, roots and process. He also talks about his moving of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors from the city to the neighboring countryside and his work with the Temples of Damanhur (touted by some as the Eight Wonder of the World).

He also sent us a picture of him and Giger at the lecture when he returned (below).

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Greatest Show on Earth
26 x 20 inches / acrylic on canvas / framed

My exciting offering for the CLOWNS show at Corey Helford Gallery.
Opening and artist info is below: