Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The third weekend in April was the big Coachella music festival in Indio, CA. I accompanied Lola out to the showgrounds and met up with fellow funster Joe Vaux, as the two of them prepared for their meet and greet at the Sony Playstation tent. After a brief settling in, the fun quickly began: new games, fun people and the best, air conditioning! And the new Playstation thing comes with all kinds of new toys, including some way of taking pictures and then different filters for distorting things out. Here Joe, Lola and Raoul show us how it's done. Then they woke me up from my special couch nap and got me in on the silliness.

 I got zero good pictures of the rest of the event, mostly due to not wanting to take out the camera every stop to take shots of all the foot traffic. But I can say that Franz Ferdinand, Leonard Cohen and Morrissey were all amazing live, and Paul McCartney is still very much Paul McCartney.

But here's one gratuitous stage shot, showing Leonard Cohen entertaining the mass with his slow and still resonant crooning.

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