Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bold Hype , a hot spot for local and international talent, has an exhibit on view featuring an impressive lineup of artists. "Say When," curated by gallery owner Eric Althin and artist Nathan Spoor, brings a cohesive array of works from 15 artists from near and far to the capitol of the Orlando new contemporary art sphere. Click here to get a peek into the experience.

In addition to the awesome photo job done by the BH crew, now on flickr ( Click here to view flickr pics), Eric has also sent over a fun little press mention. It's somewhat of a lead-in to the show from the perspective of an early viewer dropping in on opening night: Click here for the Orlando Weekly sniping

Congrats to Jason Li-MON, Andrew James Jones and Amy Sol for rocking it out, and the to the rest of us that "held their ground" on the walls.

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