Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Introducing my own work is a little sketchy for me most of the time. I get critical, self-conscious, overly poetic and wordy and sometimes downright confusing even for myself. But after trying to look at it in a smaller context by taking a few works and talking about them a little at a time and setting that in book format made so much more sense. That's what "Suddenly" is. It's a collection of the 14 paintings that were on exhibit in Snyder, TX (parent's residence in the cotton and oil country of West Texas), which is supported by background commentary on the 20 paintings chosen to introduce their influence on the current works. 

The limited edition books, each printed individually and boasting separate covers, feature 72 pages of full color and hardbound visual matter. All are signed, numbered and might include a little sketch or drawing. For more info, check this link: NS Store - Suddenly

And knowing that a mere cover isn't enough to really judge a book in full, here's a peek into some of what's inside...

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