Friday, December 5, 2008


Darren's work has evolved quite a bit into a true expression of his most consistent vision: Ladies & Robots. This show at Ghetto Gloss is perhaps the most in-depth look into his body of work to date. Darren explores his subject matter in a very unique manner. In a way he's putting on an elaborate performance of incorporating a loose yet masterful rendering style into an aria of visual touchstones. 

I manages to get a very few shots of the installation, but it doesn't really capture the scope of the work. There were oil on canvas paintings, ink drawrings on archival paper, mixed media on cardboard and various surfaces as well as his custom clothing line (sorry, no shots of those yet).

Also of mention is Darren's talent for the musical pursuits. He wrote a soundtrack and had it intermittently played in parts mixed with a dj set. Crazy cool points for a well rounded show!

As you arrived, one of his video loops was playing with a big projection of the show title on the front of the building. 
That's Darren in the middle scratching his head.

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