Thursday, October 16, 2008


STRANGE OBJECT IN SKY: Snyder, TX (7:27pm-8:34pm, 09.27.08)

Over the course of my life thus far, I hadn't had the occasion to ever see anything physical that I couldn't find a logical explanation for. I've seen people that aren't physically here, and things that hide in the peripheral and seem somewhat human that seem like somewhat cartoon trollish pranksters... but as much as I'd like, never anything ufo-ish.

Well, myself and 7 others actually saw something strange the night of the opening of my exhibit in Snyder, TX. Around 7:15 the joint had cleared out and my brother was breaking down his PA equipment and Dad was getting their Astrovan pulled around for loading. While Dad and Isaac (the brother) were loading in the last of the equipment, two couples dropped in to catch up with the new art in The Manhattan and we chatted for a couple minutes.

Almost in unison, its seemed like several of us turned to the North corner of the Town Square and said, "Do you see that?". There in the sky, set off by the setting of the sun in a nearly cloudless sky was a dark object hovering several miles out with 2 glowing or reflecting orb-like objects in the middle of it. Actually, it looked like headlights with a really dark object or shape behind it.

We watched this thing in the sky for several minutes, just seeing if it moved or was a reflection of something above or below. But no, it didn't move, or make any noise, or stop glowing / reflecting the setting sun's rays. At that moment, when we asked each other if we were all seeing the same thing, I remembered that I was holding my camera and snapped off 3 not-so-stellar photos. Amazing, since it was so still and I couldn't hold the camera still.

We moved over to the city square's yard to get out of the now-glowing streetlights as it became slowly darker and the object continued to hover in the exact same space in the sky. My brother and I said we wanted to drive home and get the binoculars, since we live not 5 minutes away from the city's square (or almost any part of Snyder, actually).
Dad got us home and we retrieved the binoculars and headed back to the square in Isaac's Honda mini-suv thing, post haste. We got back to the square around 8:04ish and the sun was almost completely down and the sky was a dwindling bluish color. The object, however, was still in the same spot in the sky.

When we looked through the binoculars we could see the object very clearly. The shape of the object was an inverted black triangle with 2 glowing circles in the center, half in and halfway out of the triangle shape. There were no markings, no definitive details, no sound, no movement of any kind.

Well, not movement like I was thinking. We drove to the edge of town and posted up behind the minivan to settle the binoculars and took turns watching it in the sky. At this point, around 8:30pm, it's basically night time in the sky over Snyder, TX (which is West Texas, between Abilene and Lubbock).

At this point, the object was clear
ly the same size and shape, but was starting to fade into the night sky. It became transparent in the middle, the triangle part, and the headlights (the 2 circles in front of it) were becoming a muted glowing color. It wasn't too long until the only thing we could barely see was a faint transparent outline of the triangle and circles and even that was fading out. Most probably it wasn't picking up any more sunlight and was becoming invisible again.
We decided that was about enough excitement, and went home to each draw out what we had seen. Dad didn't seem to see it as much as Isaac and I, but we both drew similar drawings of it. And a few people that drove by even stopped and asked us if we were seeing that thing in the sky, and apparently it had been up there earlier that we had seen it.

I'm not claiming aliens or anything like that. But none of us can explain it, and several people saw it in broad, but fading daylight. Incidentally, Dad called the local air strip and they claimed "it was a giant upside-down tear-shaped weather balloon".

Well, what I saw was not a weather balloon, nor did it seem to have anything to do with weather or balloons. Here, for your amusement, are the totally amateur shots I did think to take, and the drawings my brother (upper image) and I drew (lower image):

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