Friday, October 17, 2008


For the XFUNS Gala International Exhibition / MOCA Taipei


Due to the challenges of appearing in a physical form while attempting to communicate to the terrestrial inhabitants, a new presentation was deemed necessary. The Council met and agreed upon a new form, "X". This was thought by all supply many solutions to a majority of the trials of appearing physically before local intelligent life.

The latest incarnation, "Visitation Suit X", is agreed upon by the majority of The Council to offer the most satisfying experience to both the Visitor as well as the Contact Individual. The new suit offers a consistent and comfortable environment for the physical nature being provided the Visitor in various physical dimensions. At the same time, it also provides a familiar basis of reference for the Contact Individual to focus on while Communication is taking place.

At all times, three (3) Elder Members of The Council will be present during Communication. Though usually unseen, the Elder Members may elect to take the form or characteristics of surrounding nature or simplistic monolithic architecture. The Elder Members continue their role as Dimensional Regulator, assessing needs within the Communication Process.

(shown above)
Acrylic on panel
20 x 17 inches

Visitation Suit X
Acrylic on wood / mixed media
12 x 9 inches


Interestingly enough, once everything had been turned it, the good folks over yonder decided that they would like more images for whatever they're doing. So I came up with a couple other sketches for some works that could be Xvisitor-related. They don't really have titles or set directions yet at all. They're just sketches for some possible "contact" related scenarios in which the visitor is minding its own business and a small child comes across the strange scene.


Mitchell Poor said...

wow, those are very cool. Was that made before or after your U.F.O experience?

Nathan Spoor said...

The whole XFUNS thing started way before the sighting experience. I think I had to have that done and out there a month or so before the September show. Pretty crazy though! I did actually put the object in my CLOWNS painting there. If you go to my site, on the "images" page, you can click it up and see an enlarged version of it. It's in the top right sky portion just above all the craziness.